put ‘babe’ in my ask if you’d date me

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Factfile tag! ^v^
I was tagged by the omgwherescake to do a factfile of myself so here we go!
Name: Hayley
Nickname: Haylz, Sugar
Birthday: November 24th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Date & Time: 31st of August at 1:45pm
How many hours of sleep I usually get: 8-9
Catchphrases: unlucky son, chin up
First word that comes to mind: andy
Place that makes me happy and why: my farm, because it’s my favourite place on earth :)
How many blankets I sleep under: about 15 lol
Favourite beverage: Idk water???

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… its too early for this bullshit.

Me, no matter what time it is. (via lastisle)

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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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